Grilled Specialties

Prepared blackened, grilled or steamed, with your choice of 2 sides

best-grilled-seafood-orlandoSalmon     MP

Mahi Mahi     MP

Black Grouper     MP

Boston Cod     MP

Swordfish     MP

Halibut     MP

Haddock    MP

Catfish      MP

Please see Fresh Fish Board for today’s Market Price

rays-fish-mixed-grillMixed Grill     $23.95
Fish, Shrimp and Scallops

Sea Scallops     $18.95

Prawns (Shrimp)     $16.95

Steak & Shrimp     MP
Choice Ribeye & Jumbo Shrimp. Prawns available grilled or fried.

Sirloin with Sea Salt Mashed Potatoes     MP
Choose 1 additional side. Onion Rings add $1.50

Curry Shrimp over Yellow Rice     $16.95 or MP

Fish & Shrimp     $21.95